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Renting Tips + Checklist

If you’re interested in renting but aren’t sure where to start, it’s normally a good idea to initially decide what you are looking for in a rental property. Begin by considering the following: do you require a rental just for you or are you wanting to share? Are there any amenities that you need nearby? And what is your budget?

Once you’ve determined what type of accommodation you’re looking for, here are some tips for renting property to begin your journey on the right foot.

Fill in the condition report

At the beginning of your tenancy, your property manager needs to inspect and record the current condition of the property you’re planning on moving into by filling in a signed condition report.

Being the future tenant, you also need to inspect the premises after the property manager has completed their report and fill in the tenant section on the report. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll need to return a copy of the report to the property manager within a week and keep a copy for yourself.

Find out who pays the water rates

Depending on your residential tenancy agreement you may be required to pay water rates on the property you are renting. If so, your property manager has to outline on the condition report if the property has the regulated water efficiency measures in place.

Lodging bond and paying rent upfront

When you sign up for a tenancy you are generally required to pay a bond of four weeks’ rent as security to the landlord to cover any property damage or missed rental payments. You’ll need to sign a bond lodgement form through your property manager who will lodge your bond. In most rental properties, you’ll also need to pay rent up front.

Rental payment

Before you move into your rental property you have to reach an agreement with your property manager on the method of rental payments. These can be paid either weekly, fortnightly or monthly and the standard form of payment is direct debit.

Maintenance and emergencies

If you experience any maintenance or repair issues you need to contact your property manager in writing. For emergency plumbing, structural or electrical issues, call your property manager urgently.

For further renting tips or information on how to get a rental property, contact the rental specialists at One Agency Gamarra & Co.


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