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best burger canberra

Are you even human if you don’t love a good burger? The soft buns enveloping juicy fillings are enough to satiate anyone. If you’re craving one right now, these are the spots in Canberra that you should hit:

Grease Monkey

Grease monkey is the classic retro diner, with the perfect vibe, and with some of the absolute best burgers in the city. They have some great burgers on their menu, but the one you shouldn’t miss out on is The Greasy. Not too huge, not too small, with fluffy buns, a juicy beef patty and some perfectly complimentary toppings, you cannot go wrong with this one. Make sure to also try their fries and mac ‘n’ cheese bites!


Brodburger is a name in Canberra that everyone recognises. The Brod won the title of Canberra’s signature dish in 2017 (via RiotACT). Brodburgers are a little hard to eat because of their gigantic size, but we’re not complaining!


Not your typical burger joint, but Elemental has some great burgers up its sleeves. Wait till you hear about the Krispy Kreme Burger with two original glazed doughnuts as buns, delicious beef, BACON JAM, pork crackle, cheese, and some more bacon, and some more cheese, and some more beef, with onion rings for the crunch. Oh wait, you just heard about it, you’ve got to visit Elemental now.

Catch Fish And Chips

A great place to catch some good fish and chips, and some yummy seafood burgers. They have simple burgers, with only a few ingredients, but flavourful ones. That’s what’s needed. Make sure to try their fish burger!


If you’re ever craving the typical all American cheeseburger, look no further and head straight to Hopscotch. Soft buns, perfect patty, cheese, pickle and fries. I’m heading out right now.